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How it works

How does Glide work?

Glide uses wizard technology to collect information from you and your clients, then uses that information to generate documents, trigger workflows and update other systems like your TMS and CRM.  We generate documents for you either through automated integrations, or via our US based operations team.  

Why are some features only available to brokerages?

In order to keep information secure and remain compliant with association policy, certain actions must be coordinated with the managing broker and/or office administrator.  

I'm an independent TC, can I use Glide with my agents?

Yes.  In fact we designed Glide with the needs of assistants and TC's in mind.  Contact us for more information.

How is Glide different than transaction management tools?

Glide provides on demand services.  We collect the minimum information needed to perform certain actions, then uses a combination of people and software to deliver quick and accurate results based on your and your clients preferences.

Can I connect Glide to my CRM?

We integrate with a variety of real estate tools.  Contact us for more information.  


Do you offer bulk discounts for top producing teams and brokerages?  

Yes, if you need help on more than 50 transactions per year, contact us to discuss pricing.

Is Glide offered as a free member benefit for my association?

The following associations will be offering the association version of Glide free of charge to their members:

San Francisco Association of REALTORS®

Oakland-Berkeley Association of REALTORS®

Contra Costa Association of REALTORS®

Bay East Association of REALTORS®

Orange County REALTORS®

South Bay Association of REALTORS®

Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS®

San Diego Association of REALTORS®

Southwest Riverside County Association of REALTORS®


What’s different about Glide?  

Glide is the first platform designed to minimize work for agents in the field by providing high-quality, on-demand services they can access from anywhere.  

How can I use Glide to do my seller disclosure forms online?

Just sign up and you’ll be able to invite clients to complete their disclosure forms online right away. Even better, if you belong to a brokerage or association that’s signed up with Glide, you’ll get permanent access for free.  

Are Glide team members licensed?

Though many of our team members maintain active broker and/or sales-person licenses, Glide does not perform any licensed activities.    

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