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Strong Protection Without the Hassle

Larry McKenzie

Coldwell Banker
Glide has helped to make my clients' experiences completing the SPQ and TDS much less stressful...Glide assists sellers to fill out the forms correctly and allows me to efficiently address my clients' concerns remotely. The best part is that if the client has a question, they flag it for review and we go over it together. Very easy.

Ruth Krishnan

Paragon Real Estate Group
[Glide's] interface made for a better client experience than trying to send handwritten forms back-and-forth and potentially explain that there is missing information over the phone. Also, I felt that the seller spent more time reading the questions and answering things more thoroughly, which will provide more thorough and accurate information for buyers.

Transaction Coordinators

Save Time on Every Transaction

Janice Alimohammadi

Surterre Properties
I love this program! As a TC for over 20 years, I am able to receive disclosures from sellers completed in full and with no hesitation. Agents are excited as they can add pictures to their AVID's and this is one easy program for everyone to use. I am grateful that you are around. You've got a winner! Thank you!

Emilio Hernandez

Lion TC
Glide brings the "modern simple technological experience" to sellers allowing them to effortlessly fill out those tedious forms. Not to mention that they ensure each document is filled out 100% to avoid going back and forth making every TC's job so much easier! Thank you to everyone at Glide!

Lydianne Beltran

Millennium Transaction Solutions
I can’t count how many times I had to resend these documents, especially the TDS, because the seller forgot to check something or leave a required explanation. With Glide, the seller cannot complete the document until they have answered all appropriate questions and have given explanations. My agents love this program and it makes me look like a superstar.

Francine Gonzalez

Innovative Transactions
I started using Glide shortly after it was made available as a member benefit and I couldn’t be more pleased. Glide alleviates the tediousness of filling out disclosures. The user interface is clean, elegant and intuitive. That makes my clients happy, which makes me happy. I’ll never fill out disclosures the old way again.


Eliminating disclosure errors to protect your sales

Kevin Burke

Burke Real Estate Consultant
For me, Glide's easy-to-use online system has made completing disclosure forms a more enjoyable experience all around! Now that I've used Glide, I won't be able, nor want, to go back to the old way of doing forms with a pen and paper.

John Griswold

My sellers are loving glide. It's easy to use and an elegant solution to the cumbersome disclosure process.