Delightful Digital Disclosures

Safer, simpler and more efficient than other systems with collaborative features that keep agents at the center of the transaction.

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Reduce Risk

Protect Yourself and Your Clients

Official C.A.R. Forms

Support for TDS, SPQ, ESD, EHD, FLD and other key C.A.R. forms.

Real Time Audit

See a record of every interaction to ensure you're protected.

Compliance Checks

Ensure every required question and explanation is provided.

Disclosure Advisory

Ensure clients accept advisory info before they begin.


Encourage full disclosure by automatically overflowing text.


Easily incorporate supporting documents and imagery.

Delight Clients

Great User Experience with Collaboration

Easy Guided Interface

One question at a time delivered in plain english.

Contextual Help

Definitions and legal tips that help clients navigate.


Glide works great on laptop, or on iOS or Android devices.

Privacy Protections

Keep your clients’ data safe with our strict privacy policy.

Unlimited Revision

Easily update forms as new information arises.

Interactive Review

Get notified of client questions as they submit responses.

Save Time

Efficient Workflow for TCs and Agents

Invitation Wizard

Invite clients to complete forms in a few clicks.

Progress Tracking

Get notified of client activity and see responses in realtime.


Effortless update forms and track changes when needed.

zipForm® Integration

Automatically share forms and data with your zipForm account.

E-Signature Integration

Send forms for signature via docuSign or DigitalInk.

Multi-Agent Support

Support multiple agents from a single TC account