Agents: Here are 4 Tips to Win Your Next Listing Presentation

Agents: Here are 4 Tips to Win Your Next Listing Presentation

Agents, it’s time to up your listing presentation game. The real estate industry is competitive as ever, and agents need to find their edge to get noticed. Winning a listing is all about putting your best foot forward — and luckily, listing presentations allow agents to do just that. 

Listing presentations introduce an agent to a potential seller and what better way to start a professional relationship than with a cutting-edge presentation? Successful listing presentations enable agents to land more deals, outshine competitors, and market their unique skills and marketing strategies. 

Hone your listing presentation skills with these 4 tips: 

Know Your Lead 

A successful listing presentation all stems from knowing your lead. Every transaction is different, and no two clients are the same. Today’s sellers are looking to work with an agent that understands their unique position, wants, and needs - and is ready to meet them. 

When preparing for a listing presentation, make time for due diligence. Learn all there is to know about the prospective client, their property, and any other details you can gather. This tactic enables agents to strategically gear their pitch according to their specific client, ensuring that the chosen approach will appeal to them. 

Choose a Data-Driven Approach

In today’s world, data is everything. The insights and analyses that are available to contemporary agents are unparalleled to anything else on the market. Data is one of the industry’s greatest tools, so make sure to show your client that you’re using it to the fullest capacity. 

Data helps real estate professionals optimize their approach to selling, marketing, and organizing a deal. Clients will feel secure knowing that you’re making business decisions based on accurate statistics, studies, and analyses. 

This includes providing real-time comparable property information to help them understand the current potential value of their home. It also means highlighting sales trends to demonstrate the right time to sell their home. Agents can also go a step further to showcase data on their own sales history such as the average “days on market” of their listings, the average list-to-sale price of their listings, and more. 

Showcase Your Technology

There are so many technologies available to real estate today, and clients are eager to integrate them into their strategy. 

Agents who work with the latest and greatest tech should market that during their listing presentation. Not only does it showcase that you’re up to speed with the industry’s trends, but they also promise to streamline the deal. 

Agents who use Glide’s premier disclosure technology, for example, can provide their clients with greater legal protection than those who don’t. Clients can feel confident that they’re being taken care of throughout the entire process - even after the deal has closed. 

Don’t Forget to Follow-Up

After your listing presentation, don’t forget to follow-up — and quickly. After just a few hours (or later that evening) be sure to send an email thanking the potential client for their time and to see if they have any questions you can answer. Not only will this keep you top-of-mind, but it also adds a nice personal touch. You might also consider adding them to your seller-focused email marketing campaigns. 

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