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4 Completely Avoidable Reasons Home Sellers Get Sued

Selling a home isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. From choosing the right asking price to open houses, paperwork, inspections, and more — there are a million things to check off the to-do list before closing. One thing that’s probably not on most seller’s to-do lists? Getting sued. Yet, it happens more often than you may think! 

Home Sellers: Don’t Make These 6 Common Disclosure Mistakes

As part of the home-selling process, sellers have a legal obligation to disclose past and present defects to potential buyers. Despite this being one of the most important steps in the sales process, it’s one that is often filled with mistakes — and these can be costly. Failure to properly disclose defects can not only cause the sale of your home to fall apart, but they can also lead to lawsuits.