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Glide for Home Sellers: Alleviating Confusion & Complexity

Selling a home can be such an exciting time - until the stacks of confusing paperwork start piling up.  With Glide, home sellers work in an intuitive online platform to complete disclosure forms - a platform full of features designed to make completing these complex, confusing forms easier - giving peace of mind to sellers during an emotional, stressful time.  

Especially when compared to traditional paper and .pdf methods, here are some highlights of Glide that make it easier for home sellers:

Just For You: Glide for Transaction Coordinators

We don’t have to tell you that as a TC, you have a ton on your plate making sure everything runs smoothly for your agents, home sellers, and home buyers - but who’s making sure everything runs smoothly for you?  

Glide has a number of features designed specifically for TCs, designed to save you time and add efficiency to your business processes.  Here are a few of our favorites.