Announcing Glide 2.0

Announcing Glide 2.0

Since launching Glide last summer over 20,000 California agents have trusted us to provide safer simpler seller disclosures.  One of the biggest pieces of feedback we heard is that you want us to support more of your workflow, so you can spend less time switching between tools.  

Today we’re pleased to announce Glide 2.0.  This release is packed with ten new features designed to save time, reduce risk and improve client-service across your entire disclosure lifecycle.  

You can now prepare, organize, sign and share your disclosure packages from one user-friendly interface.  We hope you'll join us on a free webinar to see how these powerful features can help you.

10 New Features Available for You Now

  1. zipForm® Import

  2. DocuSign Integration

  3. PDF Editing

  4. Auto-Splitting

  5. Version History

  6. Cover Sheet

  7. Sharing

  8. Beta Features On/Off

  9. Seller’s Protection Plan (Available July 1)

  10. Buyer’s Inspection Election (BIE)

zipForm Import

Import standard disclosure forms and other documents directly from your zipForm® transaction. If a document doesn’t exist yet, add it to Glide and zipForm® at the same time. Common disclosure forms are automatically highlighted for you. (Learn More)


DocuSign Integration

Send all documents for signature in one click with signature tabs automagically placed for you. Auto-tabbing works for most standard real estate forms. Request more by emailing us at (Learn More)


PDF Editing

Trim, split, merge, stamp and reorder PDFs documents from one simple interface. (Learn More)



Automatically split disclosure packages even when they’re scanned in. Glide will recognize split points for most standard real estate forms, with new ones added daily based on popular demand. (Learn More)


Version History

Never lose track of changes again. Leave notes and revert to an earlier version if needed. See every change that’s been made to your disclosure package by team members.

Cover Sheet

Automatically create an attractive table of contents for your package that can be signed by buyers and stays updated as you change your disclosure package. Adjust branding, imagery and signature instructions. (Learn More)


Instantly generate a share link or email, control access, track views and communicate changes. No more splitting up huge PDFs. Paste your share link into the MLS and require interested parties to provide contact info to access. You can even monitor their activity. (Learn More)

Seller’s Protection Plan (from CRES)

Starting July 1, provide sellers with optional access to a licensed real estate defense attorney, a comprehensive insurance policy and other services designed to reduce the risk of a disclosure-related dispute that could threaten sale proceeds and/or commissions. (Learn More)

Buyer’s Inspection Election (BIE)

Request the buyer’s inspection election (BIE) via Glide. (Learn More)

Beta Features On/Off

Opt-out of any beta features that might be available in your account. This setting will be applied to any buyers or sellers on transactions you create.

We’ll provide more in-depth walkthroughs of these features in coming weeks, both here on the blog and via email. Let us know what you think!

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