Glide for Home Sellers: Alleviating Confusion & Complexity

Glide for Home Sellers: Alleviating Confusion & Complexity

Selling a home can be such an exciting time - until the stacks of confusing paperwork start piling up.  With Glide, home sellers work in an intuitive online platform to complete disclosure forms - a platform full of features designed to make completing these complex, confusing forms easier - giving peace of mind to sellers during an emotional, stressful time.  

Especially when compared to traditional paper and .pdf methods, here are some highlights of Glide that make it easier for home sellers: 

Guided Client Interface

Glide takes a series of long, complicated forms and delivers them to you in an interface that’s as easy to use as your favorite online tax preparation software or a Buzzfeed quiz.  With one question to a screen, filling out disclosure forms becomes far less overwhelming when delivered in manageable chunks.  


Every action you take in Glide is auto-saved in real time so regardless of the power supply or internet connectivity of your device, you never lose the work you’ve completed in Glide. 

Contextual Help

It’s hard to be an expert at everything about your house; there are a number of technical specifications that you probably never think about other than noting that, “it works”.  Glide’s contextual help includes explanations and photo examples to help you with some of the form’s trickier questions.

Required Questions

It’s a frustrating experience to complete your disclosure forms and submit them to your agent only to have them returned to you marked up with questions you missed or explanations that still need to be provided  Glide’s platform ensures that every question is complete before the form can be submitted so you can avoid the dreaded back and forth. 


If you need to make changes to an element of your disclosure form, you simply log back in and make the change.  There’s no need to strike through and initial a paper copy and, if conditions change or you remember additional context, you can make unlimited revisions.  When changes are made, your agent will receive a change summary and all changes are logged in an audit trail for ease and compliance. 

Text Overflows and Attachments

Using traditional paper disclosure forms, it’s often challenging to fit all the content you want to fit into an explanation in the allotted space and logistically complicated to include and reference separate addendums.  Glide’s interface lets you type as much information as you’d like for each explanation and will automatically truncate answers to fit in the space provided, create the correct addendums, and add references for you. This means you can provide as much explanatory content as you’d like without additional legwork. 

Disclosure Protection Plan

The most common post-closing problem - and most common property-related dispute between a buyer and seller  - is a buyer who is unhappy about sellers’ disclosures. Most homeowners’ insurance does not cover post-sale issues, leaving sellers in a bind when they face a disclosure-related dispute with the buyer.  Glide offers an optional Disclosure Protection Plan that covers errors and omissions insurance for sellers. This protection plan provides coverage for a year to pay defense costs and damages in the event of a legal dispute and includes legal consultations with a real-estate attorney both pre- and post- sale.  

Glide’s online disclosure package preparation is full of tools for real estate professionals but was also designed to provide home sellers an easier, more efficient, less headache-inducing way to complete disclosure forms.  

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