Why Agents Love Glide

Why Agents Love Glide

Real Estate Agents have such a complex job - managing their clients through a complicated process and an often emotional time.  Glide is committed to helping agents provide the best service possible to their clients. Here are a few of agents’ favorite Glide features, designed to make the disclosure process as painless as possible for their clients and one feature designed specifically to improve Agent workflow.  

Guided Client Interface

There is nothing worse, as a home seller, than receiving a printed out disclosure form and wondering how on earth to answer all those questions - and provide all the needed explanations in those tiny boxes!  Glide’s guided interface takes sellers, question by question, through the disclosure form in an easy, intuitive, online, guided experience.  

This guided experience has a number of built in benefits for sellers: 

  • Auto Save:  Sellers never have to repeat an answer; all responses are auto-saved as soon as they’re inputted to the form 

  • Contextual Help: The average homeowner may not know what kind of outlets they have or what their type of heating is called.  Glide includes helpful explanations and images on questions known to be tricky for sellers

  • Text Overflow & Addendums:  Glide’s explanation boxes have no limit on the amount of context that can be provided.  If a seller uses more than the allotted space, Glide automatically generates al text overflow addendum, in compliance with the form’s requirements (ie. an official C.A.R. text addendum) and places a reference to that addendum within the form. 

  • Required Questions: When using Glide to complete a disclosure form, sellers cannot submit the form until all questions have been answered and all required explanations have been provided.  This means that all forms are submitted complete, the first time - and all that nagging back-and-forth communication can be avoided. 

  • Flagging: Glide’s flagging feature allows sellers to flag questions where they need additional guidance, sending an alert to their agent.  Agents can use this same functionality to pre-flag questions for sellers, providing additional context or explanations for the sellers to see when they get to that specific question. 

Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure 

Your transaction is moving along smoothly and it’s time to complete your AVID!  You load up a notebook or notes app, head out to the property, take down as much information as you can, head back to the office and try to remember everything for the form.  Glide provides a better way to do AVIDs. 

Glide’s AVID capabilities (which have recently been updated!) include: 

  • Mobile Friendly: Glide provides an AVID experience that is completely mobile/tablet friendly; complete your AVID on-sight, from your handheld device of choice. 

  • Photo Attachments: Glide allows you to upload photos directly from your phone to the AVID, removing subjectivity from the inspection.  All photos are compressed to a manageable size and added as an attachment with an explicit index between the question and the image.  

  • Voice To Text: Glide works with your phone’s native dictation capabilities so you can narrate your answers as you walk through the property, saving time and hassle making notes to retype or having to do all your typing on a mobile device.  

Do you need additional information about how Glide can make wowing your clients easier?  Visit our Help Center, attend one of our free online training sessions, or reach out directly by contacting support@glide.com 

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