Support Staff: They Go the Extra Mile for Your Clients; Go the Extra Mile for Them

Support Staff: They Go the Extra Mile for Your Clients; Go the Extra Mile for Them

When was the last time you showed your support staff how much you appreciate them? 

Behind every great brokerage is a strong support team. Transaction coordinators (TCs) are the ones who help bring a deal to the closing table. Since transaction coordinators play such a vital role in your business’s success, it’s important to show them that you understand how valuable they are. 

Transaction coordinators never fail to provide your clients with premier services, so it’s time to show your TC team how amazing they are. Here are 4 ways to show your support staff that you appreciate them:

Don’t Forget Admin Professional Day 

Administrative professionals are so important to global business culture that there’s a holiday set aside just for them. 

Admin Professional Day falls on April 22nd of every year. It’s the perfect time to publicly show your TC team how much they’re appreciated. This day recognizes the work that admin support professionals do day in and day out while acknowledging the strong role it plays in the success of a business.

Don’t let this day pass by unnoticed at your brokerage. Make sure you keep this celebratory day in mind and show your TC team how awesome they are. 

Include Them in Company Culture Events 

Brokerages should always strive to include everyone, not just the agents and brokers. 

When it’s time to plan company culture type events, remember to extend the invites out to the TC team. The entire brokerage, including the support staff, should be incorporated. It’s a great way to show them that they are a valuable asset to the brokerage. 

Respect Their Work

One of the easiest ways to go the extra mile for your support team is by exercising respect. There are too many cases where support staff members are underappreciated, while their jobs sometimes get viewed as ‘less important’ than other positions that frequently get the spotlight. 

However, this isn’t true. The work done by the TC team is what propels a deal from the first contact to the final closing. Without the support staff, any brokerage would lose the seamless flow that moves each transaction forward. 

Make sure your brokerage culture respects the TC team and their work. 

Providing Them With the Tools They Need 

An amazing way to show your TC team that your brokerage cares is by helping them streamline their workflow. Since the support team is involved throughout the entire transaction, they have a vast and dynamic workload. Fortunately, there are plenty of technological tools that help make their job easier.

Brokerages who offer their transaction coordinating team breakthrough software are helping them to boost productivity and get more done in less time. Target high-intensity areas of their job and address their common pain points. 

A key area in any transaction is the disclosure process. Glide is a great solution for building a better disclosure workflow, helping to ensure that they’re done right every time. Learn more about how Glide mitigates the legal risks of selling here

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